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Football & Cheerleading (ages 7-14)
Practice begins Monday, August 4th

Registration Fee*

$125  - March/April
$135 - May/June
$150 - July/August

Flag Football & Flag Cheerleading
Practice begins Monday, August 11th

Registration Fee*

$10 - March/April
$25 - May/June
$40 - July/August

*Please note that each family registering with DYW is required to participate in our raffle ticket fundraiser. Cost is $100 per family.

Moccasin Run Golf Course
Atglen, PA

Friday — August 22nd at 1:00 P.M.
Registration begins at 11:30 A.M.
Lunch 11:30 A.M. to 12:45 P.M.

Contact: Doug DeLia
(484) 433-4066

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USA Football Certification!
All DYW Coaches are certified through USA Football's Certification Education Program


When and where does practice start?
Monday, August 4th, 6PM, at Beaver Creek Elementary School located at 610 West Pennsylvania Ave in Downingtown. Cheerleaders in the front, Football Players in the back of the school. Practices normally run until 8PM.

How long does the season run?
This will vary depending on the team your child participates on, however most seasons run from August 1st until the second or third weekend in November.

When is practice?
Nights of the week to be determined by the head coach.

AUGUST (5) nights a week at the Beaver Creek Elementary School
SEP-OCT-NOV (3) nights a week at the DYW Fields

AUG - week 1 & 2 (4) nights a week at the Beaver Creek Elem. (Mon-Thu)
AUGUST (3) nights a week at the Beaver Creek Elementary School
SEP-OCT-NOV (2) nights a week at the DYW Fields

AUGUST (4) nights a week at the Beaver Creek Elementary School (Mon-Thu)
SEP - NOV (3-4) nights a week at a local elementary school (TBD)

AUGUST Outdoors (3) nights a week at the Beaver Creek Elementary School
SEP - OCT Indoors (2) nights a week at a local elementary school (TBD)

What are the age and weight limits?
League age is your age on June 30th. (Weight limits are for football only)

Flag Football and Flag Cheerleading 5-6 years old boys and girls

80lb Football 7-8 yrs. old—80 lb. max. (9 yrs old 60lb. max.)
Pee Wee Cheerleading 7-8 yrs. old

100lb Football 9-10 yrs. old—100 lb. max. (11yrs old 80lb. max.)
Youth Cheerleading 9-10 yrs. old

120lb Football 11-12 yrs. old—120 lb. max. (13yrs old 105lb. max.)
Junior Cheerleading 9-12 yrs. old

150lb Football 13-14 yrs. old—150 lb. max. (15yrs old 135lb. max.)
Senior Cheerleading 11-14 yrs. old

NOTE: Weights increase 1lb. every week of the season.

What is the difference between varsity and junior varsity?
Varsity teams are teams that compete for a league championship.
JV teams are instructional teams with no undue emphasis on winning.

Is DYW a traveling organization?
Yes, most of our schedule will be made up of teams in Chester County. Some games will be played in Delaware County.

What does my football player need to buy for 1st day of practice?
We will provide your child with helmet, shoulder pads and a mouthpiece. You will need to provide cleats, socks, athletic supporter, girdle, pants and a practice jersey. Practice jerseys can be purchased at registration or at the Beaver Creek practice field.

What does my cheerleader need to buy for 1st day of practice?
A cheerleader needs a t-shirt, cotton shorts, and sneakers, hair in ponytail, water bottle and physical.

Before my child can practice is a full medical clearance required?
A child will not be able to participate in contact or stunting drills until a medical clearance release is obtained from a physician.

Do flag football players and cheerleaders get uniforms like the bigger kids?
Flag football players will be issued game jerseys.
Flag cheerleaders will be issued regular cheerleading uniforms.

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The Downingtown Young Whippets (DYW) and the Coatesville Kid Raiders (CKR) have come to a mutual agreement that defines the territories of each organization. The defined areas will be recognized and enforced by the Bert Bell Conference.

Caln Township
Residents within CALN TOWNSHIP are part of the CKR territory.

Coatesville Area School District
Any resident within the Coatesville Area School District that attend a non-public school may join DYW with no waiver required. Proof of enrollment at a non-public school will be required at registration.

Greystone Academy
Until Greystone Academy becomes a K-12 school, attendees shall be considered part of the Coatesville Area School District. If Greystone Academy becomes a K-12 school, DYW and CKR will meet again to reconsider.

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Board of Directors


- Tom Kucera

Vice-President - OPEN
Treasurer - Jeff Cox
Secretary - Jean Valentino
General Manager - John Harlow


League Rep - Steve Rittenhouse

Cheerleading Director - OPEN
Member At-Large - Mark Gillespie
Member At-Large - Ron Sheridan
Active Lifetime Member - Larry Pearson

Head Coaches
80V - Chris Shoemaker
100V - Tom Kucera
120V - Doug Delia
150V - John Harlow
100JV - Roy Troop
120JV - Troy Campbell

Flag Coordinator - Kelly Shoemaker
Concession Stand - Kimber Cox
Equipment Manager - Joe Chimino
Team Mom Coordinator - Dani Federwitz
DYW Program - Jen Campbell
Casino Night - OPEN
Webmaster - Troy Campbell

Flag & 80lb. - Wilson K2 football

100 & 120lb. - Wilson TDJ football

150lb. - Wilson TDY football

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